Angel With A Dirty Face (anonymoussorrow) wrote,
Angel With A Dirty Face

There's no way it can get any worse.....

.... And then the clouds opened up, and God said, "I hate you Kimberlee."

story of my freaking life.

too bad I'm too optimistic to give up. Even when there's nothing, at least there's hope, right?

Or is that just a way to deny the immediate pain and suffering in order to psych myself into believing that it'll get better soon... even if it won't?

damn late night thoughts. Damn LA Kings losing the game. Damn hope. And damn imagination that keeps the firm reality from completely sinking in, pushing me to continue to hold on and hold out for something better which might not ever come.

damn the inability to feel good without chemicals. And damn the morality that keeps those chemicals from entering my body.

damn it all.... I'm moving to Timbuktu.
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