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Summertime....and the livin is easy

Its been forever, but I forgot I even had this thing.

Lets see, in the last month I've been dumped for a 20 yr old stripper, lost my dog, & had a bunch more crap happen. But... I've never been happier!

I won tickets to a movie & to a Tool concert in the same week. I need a ride/date to both, but still- MOTHERFUCKING TOOL!!!!

There's only 1 person I truly would love to have go with me, but I haven't spoken to him in years & he has no interest in speaking to me now, so oh well.

Anyway, Pandy's great. Going into 4th grade & is smart as anything! She amazes me in every way. John & Michelle have really done such an excellent job with her, and I love them all to death!

Shannon is moving away, and that makes me sad.

Brother is in the Navy. He's a seaman! HA!

AAAAAAAAAAaaaannndddd work still sucks. But I still go every day (5 years, baby!)

Life is happening whether I like it or not. I might as well enjoy the ride.....
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