Angel With A Dirty Face (anonymoussorrow) wrote,
Angel With A Dirty Face

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Hear a song, hear a song...

When you wake up sun will shine.

We will not go under any cloud.

Let balloons go up in town,

ring out every bell.

Happy birthday, beautiful,

all the birds of this day

sing a song, sing a song.

Dream of trains carrying you

through the state parks with the cherry flowers.

When you wake up it will be

the beginning of the world.

Happy birthday, beautiful,

in the fields of this day

hear a song, hear a song.

Oh, undeserved sweetness and light,

stay by my side.

We will go out in the morning now,

a crown of maple leaves, a crown of flowers

circling your sweet head.

Happy birthday, beautiful,

in the streets of this day

play a song, play a song.
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